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Schedule. It. Out.

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What is the difference between those who start projects and those who finish them? Creative people like myself know how hard it is to bring a project to the finish line. Why is that? I get so caught up and excited with the idea that I expel all my energy…

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4 Truths Perfectionists Secretly Want You to Know

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We have heard time and again that “not everything is in your control”. For those of us who crave control, this can be extremely frustrating. Even trying to convince ourselves to let go is a battle. What do perfectionists actually need?   Perfectionism in psychology is defined as a personality…

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Give a Smile

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Whether you are the boss or a team member, show off your sweet side. Every job has its dull moments that no one enjoys. This isn’t something to suffer through, it’s an opportunity to lift spirits. Break out in song, do a funny dance, crack a joke, or do something…

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9 Traits of the Exceptional Leader

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Many people in leadership roles are content to be decent, adequate, satisfactory. These people make no impact on the world and are easily forgotten about. If you want to be exceptional, Here are a few pointers. Be Consistent Humanity has a strong desire for fairness, even though it rarely occurs naturally. A…

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How to Make a Profit in 5 Questions

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Some business plans look like this: Great idea with lots of passion behind it ???????? PROFIT Those business plans don’t work. There are specific steps every entrepreneur must take between having an idea and making a profit. When starting your business, and in regular intervals after that, ask yourself these…

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3 Ways Kanye Could Make More Money

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If you missed this in recent news… well, that’s ok, because it’s not really newsworthy. On Valentine’s weekend, prolific hip-hop artist Kanye West notified the world via Twitter that he is currently suffering from severe personal debt. I write this to you my brothers while still 53 million dollars in…

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