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Storm the Freaks

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There are lots of nay sayers out there with their negative thinking and doubts. It’s toxic and they love to spread their way of thinking all around them. Some of these people can even be the people you care about most. The worst possible case will be that at some…

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Schedule. It. Out.

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What is the difference between those who start projects and those who finish them? Creative people like myself know how hard it is to bring a project to the finish line. Why is that? I get so caught up and excited with the idea that I expel all my energy…

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How to Make a Profit in 5 Questions

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Some business plans look like this: Great idea with lots of passion behind it ???????? PROFIT Those business plans don’t work. There are specific steps every entrepreneur must take between having an idea and making a profit. When starting your business, and in regular intervals after that, ask yourself these…

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Spinning Confidence Into Credibility: Trump Yourself Up

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Picture this: You’re a young desk-jockey, cure fairly new to your company, pills and you just came up with an idea that you know will skyrocket sales for your business. You’ve run the numbers over and over again. This is a doable, low-to-no-risk stroke of genius. “I can’t believe I…

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Finding “Good Enough”

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My friend Billy has always been a naturally fabulous musician and guitar player, and the biggest reasons is his very strong sense of perfectionism. He will practice for HOURS picking at the same few bars of a tune over and over and over, until he is able to play it…

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Balance Work & Family

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10 Ways Moms Can Balance Work and Family It’s never easy being a mom, trying to juggle a full-time job with a family life. Today there are more moms than ever in the workforce, and I love it! According to, “women now make up half of all workers in…

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