Negative thinking sounds like the type of thinking that is a bully to us. Constantly bringing us down when nothing was wrong. Interfering with our day-to-day and poking holes in every step of success. When in fact, healing remedy negative thinking can be a comfort and protection.

Bad situations keep presenting themselves even though you’re doing your best to keep a positive mood. What happens when the hero within you stops fighting the good fight for hope? You begin to accept it as your new reality, hospital so that next time it won’t defeat you. Not all at once, illness but slowly over time. You get worn down because you can’t seem to catch a break. You don’t even notice it’s happening to you. You chalk it up to a life lesson in what to expect out of this cruel, dark world and learn how to protect yourself from it.

When do you finally realize that the darkness has consumed you? You yell at the TV because a happy ending isn’t realistic. You turn more and more towards comfort foods. Doing anything at all for the day seems like a marathon. Everything that once made you happy, isn’t cutting it anymore.

Why have we stopped believing in ourselves? In our hopes and our dreams? What can we do to pull out of all this negative thinking?

  1. Time – As cliché as it sounds, time got you in to this mess and it will get you out. Growth and change never happens on the mountain top of success, it happens in the valley of despair.
  2. Determination – If you truly want to go back to your positive self, you have to actively speak good thoughts inside and out loud. Just imagine that Peter Pan has given you pixie dust, all you have to do to fly is think happy thoughts.
  3. Spiral – Use every positive and happy moment throughout your day to launch yourself back upward. Your mind already knows how to do this, it has only been doing it with negative thoughts. Be mindful of this habit! You have to hold on to your strength to keep from going back down.
  4. Strength – Positive thinking needs to be built up just like going to the gym to build your muscles. If you don’t do it, you won’t see results from just wishing.
  5.  Faith – Believe in yourself, know the truth that all the negativity surrounding you doesn’t have to be your reality. You can change it.

Having a positive mindset is very much like a ladder. Strong foundation to hold you steady and for you to trust as you climb. The moment you begin to doubt or look down is when you become uneasy. Most importantly, having something or someone strong to lean against and work towards.

Like I mentioned before, negative thinking becomes a comfort after a while. Don’t be fooled in to thinking otherwise. To you it seems normal, like the solid ground beneath your feet, when really it is quicksand. The ground beneath you lowers slowly surrounding you entirely as you accept it as your life and reality. If you want out, you are going to need help. Climb out of the darkness before it consumes you. Don’t let your dreams just be dreams.

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