There are lots of nay sayers out there with their negative thinking and doubts. It’s toxic and they love to spread their way of thinking all around them. Some of these people can even be the people you care about most. The worst possible case will be that at some point we begin to believe them.


Most people can also say they have had less than 10 strong, click significant people completely shatter their world and bring them down to the brink of depression. file0001969205625

These same people can say they have at least known 100 good people in their lives. These people care for you and want to lift you up.

So why do we let those few individuals take control of our emotions? When we have an army of people who have our backs?! If you have 100 people you know that would stand with you, why would you give so much power to the FEW who wouldn’t? They are the freaks. They are the outsiders.

Meditate on this truth for a while and you’ll begin to heal. Whatever point you are at in your life, we could all use this reminder. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. No matter who has told you otherwise.

Take your army and storm the freaks!

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