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Time Changes

When I was a child, a year seemed like forever. Granted, that was during the pre-historic ages where the internet didn't exist, no one had a computer, cell phone, game console, or even cable TV. Although I seriously doubt that would have made much difference. The school year dragged on forever, summers were slow and mellow, and adulthood was so far off, I was sure we would be living like the Jetson's by the time I was 30.

But something happened in the mid seventies that changed the way time worked. I was going to college, had a job, a husband and a baby. Suddenly, there was never enough time in a day to get everything done. A year still seemed like forever, but I was so busy, I couldn't think that far ahead.

By the time the eighties came around, I was beginning to think I'd probably be dead before my kids, ever became adults. I couldn't wait to be finished with diapers. I longed for the days that I could arrive at work without baby regurgitation all over the shoulder of my dress, or be allowed to take a shower without one of the kids having a meltdown because I was taking too long.

In the nineties I became a full time taxi driver, while juggling a career, and still wondering if I'd ever have enough time in a day to take care of myself. I have to admit that entire decade is somewhat of a blur. I think sleep deprivation and non stop dieting had something to do with that.

The turn of the millennium started with the Y2K wig out, and the internet taking over our culture. My teenagers couldn't be bothered with human interaction any longer, and truly believed that if you actually answered a cell phone it would blow up in your hand. But they survived and became semi-functioning adults and yet, for some reason, they didn't bother moving out?!

By 2015, I was staring at retirement, wondering what the heck had happened. How could that even be possible? I wasn't ready for it, but time stops for no one. The first year I felt lost. I realized I had no idea what I liked to do, and no hobbies.. I'm not sure when it happened, but I looked in a mirror and a complete stranger was staring back at me. How did I get so old? Now five years feels like it was only five days. At this rate, I'll be ninety in about a month! I have to hurry, I have so much writing to do, and not much time!


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